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Cisco Acquires Securent

Why? Many people [Burton group] who [Ian Glazer] are [Jackson Shaw] more [Dave Kearns] qualified [Forrester] than [Ian Yip] me have expressed their opinion on this subject. The main reason for the acquisition proposed - Cisco has finally seen the light and decided to enter the IAM space - I do not think this makes much sense given that they are not a software stack company, not even a software infrastructure company (like Symantec, Oracle, SAP, etc). Cisco needed a product to build identity based authorization into network and hence all its products - I think it is a result of reading too much by us entitlement management guys in to it and the way we would like to see the world. Externalization of Security Reading in to the fact that product has been placed in Collaboration Service Group and created a separate policy group, it looks like Cisco sees the product as a quick way to externalize the policy management from the various collaborative products. Another important aspect of th