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Preferences and Entitlements

So far I have thought about the Preferences and Entitlements as two separate notions that are not connected to each other. But today while thinking about a few things from work and some blog posts, I realized that there is more to the it than that meets the eye. Before we go any further let's summarize the definition of terms for the purpose of this discussion Preference is information that user makes available to resource / application to allow the resource /application to present information in a "user-friendly" manner. (I understand that this is very limited version of preference and there might be other better terms like Persona to describe the same concepts). Entitlement Model (including model and data) is information that resource / application owner makes available to resource / application so that it can present information that user has access to. Even though these definitions are not the standard, they are used here to drive the point of view that I am tryin