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Federated Identity Management Product or what you should remember when buying a product

It has been a long time since I last wrote something, but FIM is something that I see people doing even without realising that they are doing it. I will try to list some of the use cases (which can be mapped to concept of profiles in SAML or Liberty world) that are part of the general specifications and some that are not. This article does not provide an introduction, but you can read here to better understand what I am talking about. Just like any previous article, I would like to break down the usecases into two parts Runtime These usecases typically occurs every time the user hops between sites that are part of a federation(that has such a star-trek era feel to it). This typically deals with how the information is passed from one site to another site when the user is doing site hoping resulting in session establishment. Besides that it would also include auditing all these events for monitoring and reporting purpose. Management These usecases basically talk about the management