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Take control of your Authentication (and Authorization/Entitlements)

It feels good to hear that people are realizing the difference between authentication and authorization. Even though it is self evident from the basic definition of Identity, Authentication, Authorization ( Wikipedia ) that these are three different things, I have a feeling people do not completely realize whether the current products in market allow them to solve authentication and authorization problems at application level. When I talk to most of the clients who are trying to get control over their authentication and authorization, it is pretty clear that User provisioning, User-centric IDs (well they need to start thinking about Infocard), EAM/Web SSO products and Enterprise Reduced SignOn are solving only the authentication part of equation. Even though most of these product claim to solve the authorization, I do not think they understand it or are just doing at very basic level. For example, EAM/Web SSO products are built to extract the authentication out of application and