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Role, Role everywhere and not one is job description...

It has been a long time since I blogged because I am working on another piece which is too broad and large and is keeping me away from the blogging on few quick topics that I wanted to talk about. Basically this topic comes is a result of a small discussion that I had with few people on Roles. The idea of Roles in theoretical world has been about job description (<self audulation>see here for more information</self audulation>). That is the role that you are assigned to should reflect the job description that you have. For example if you are having a job description of Trader then this is the role that all the applications should use to provide necessary access to the necessary resource. But just like what happens with a lot of other concept, the basic idea takes a complete backseat and the implementations are a different ball game. Based on infrastructure applications (especially portal infrastructures) that we seen in the wild, the number of roles that companies have