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Tashan and Data Loss Prevention

I never thought that I would use the two in same blog entry. But I really liked one of subplots of the movie which revolved around usage of social engineering to extract sensitive information about HNI from a Call Center employee for extortion purpose (well a good usecase for DLP). Again given that there are existing products in DLP space to prevent the same from happening over network, would it make sense to add the same to the voice channel too? The quality of voice recognition (esp for numbers) technology is pretty high. This is pretty evident from the number of deployments in multi-level IVR menus. But , I think, the voice recognition capability of these IVR system is high because it is based on the premise that the user wants its voice to be recognized and false positives for these systems are probably still pretty high. Incase of DLP, I think, the basic idea is to control accidental release of information and some simple data theft scenario. So, from that perspective adding Voic

On a personal note

It has been a while since I last posted on this blog. In the mean while, I have moved back to my home country India and have settled in Pune. Even though I continue to be in the Identity and Access Management domain, my role has changed a bit where I would be focusing on scaling out the IAM practice instead of working with clients on daily basis. At the same time to keep my skills fresh, I will be working on selected projects because there is nothing like talking and working with clients in trenches to be at the cutting edge (already have done one tour of duty and learned a lot about portals in retail banking while working on a authorization policy model for multiple retail banks). I would be looking forward to continue sharing with you all some of my experiences and thoughts in IAM space on this blog. I will be resurrecting my other blog which will concentrate on my life in India and other issues that I want to talk about.