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Vendor List

Updated: November 12 2006 I am trying to come up with the list of vendors and associated products in the Identity and Access Management arena. Please note that this list is based on marketing/public information and my understanding of the terms which may not comply with any specific groups' definitions and/or requirements. This is by no means a complete list and will keep growing as I get more time to add them and find more companies (any help on that front will be really appreciated). Before we go further along, lets try to define what each of these product typically do so that my mode of classification may make sense or any flaw in my classfication will become apparant. Identity Management/User Provisioning These products typically provide the facility of Workflow-based Identity provisioning, password reset, identity reconciliation/discovery, delegated identity administration and self-service features on wide variety of identity platforms (like LDAP, Unix, Windows, Mainfra