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Integration of Authorization/Entitlement Management products with Provisioning Products

As part of the various discussions that I keep having in the fine-grained authorization domain (or is it entitlement management now?), this is one of the topics that we visit. The above requirement stems from the fact that Provisioning Products were never built to support the entitlement/authorization concepts and authorization policy lifecycle management. So, the entitlement management products' management interface (for policy lifecycle management) can not be replaced by provisioning product. In light of this realization, the next step is to find the best way to bring together the two technologies. There are various ways in which the two products can be integrated and some of the approaches are discussed below. Please note that this list is in no way complete and would look forward to your comments on other possible approach in this area. User Provisioning - The entitlement management product itself may be seen as another repository of user data that must be updated OR the pr

New kid on the authorization block

I just ran into a new company JResearch Software which is approaching the authorization from the application developer's angle. Their approach is closer to the acegi model but is better geared for an enterprise.   The whole thing looks pretty promising and could be something that can become more interesting if they go for an opensource model (which should be a big market differentiator) for atleast the core components and start thinking about XACML :)