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Food for thought

Rise of centralized password management and dispension system - With the rise of centralized password management and dispension systems (like Cyber-ark Enterprise Password Vault , Symark Powerkeeper  do we need to rethink how the applications handle password storage and operations (like saving password as clear or some reading password from a file for the SSL keys). Obviously the idea is that after people have taken care of standard passwords for their systems, they would like to integrate the applications to leaverage password storage and dispension.   Enterprise Rights Management on Fine grained authorization management and XACML - I have not heard anybody talking about it (may be I am not looking in right place) but isn't it odd that two systems that seem to do the same thing (except the ERM seems to be more of an PEP implementation which also has PDP aspect to it). So, it would be interesting to see how ERM can play well with Fine-grained authorization and XACML.