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Higgins - What is it?

The news sites have been really hot with the Infocard and Higgins after they came in to the spotlight during the RSA conference. To be honest, I did not take a look at the Higgins earlier as it was being described as some sort of trust framework which I thought was really weird since for me trust between system is not technology decision but a human decision. Guess it was mistake on my part to not go beyond the name and look at the technology documentation. Since then the things seems to have changed dramatically and so I finally forced myself to look at it in more details. In this regards, thanks to Phil Becker's article at DigitalID World , I took a short journey of reading through the article at Eclipse and Higgins website . Higgins This is a framework API implementation for Identity technology (similar to Java framework APIs like JDBC, JMS, etc) which will allow people to provides plugins to their respective systems (just like database vendors provide JDBC implementation