Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Case Study: Furthering Role-Based Access Enterpr…

Two obeservations 1. Now case studies are mostly from University which seems to be due to company's not going on record with the products that they have implemented. 2. TNT has interesting technology and looks goods as a way to take the identity to a level where it would be easier, probably faster and cheaper if this is based on standard so that cisco routers would be able to use the information and route stuff without any compatibility issue. 3. Another thing that bothers me is the IP stack changing technology which may be found intrusive by most of the people a. It is coming from a host firewall guys and it is free while the appliance costs some money b. This technology can support multiple domains and configurations (like vpn technology) Good technology to follow till a big company buys it and integrates and tests it well making the client free (the acrobat/plugin model). .

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