Saturday, December 03, 2005

What is identity - In words of Bulla Shah

I really like the way this this poem explores the basic question of "who am i" i.e. "what is identity". This poem was composed by Bulla Shah , a 17th century sufi poet, and used in a great song.
Bulla, who knows who I am?

Neither I am a believer (who stays) in a mosque
Nor do I indulge in actions of disbelief
Nor am I the pure one amongst the impure

Neither I exist in books of Vedh
Nor do I stay drunk
Nor do I remain stoned, rotting

Neither I am happy nor sad
Nor am I in the (argument of) Purity and Impurity
Neither I am (made) of water nor of earth

Nor am I fire nor air

Neither I am Arabic nor Lahori
Nor am I (resident of) the Indian City Nagaori
Nor Hindu nor Turk Peshaweri

Neither I found the secret of religion
Nor did understand Adam and Eve
Nor did I create a name for myself

From beginning to end, I tried to understand myself
I did not come to know of anyone else
I am not just another wise one

Bulla Shah, who is this standing?
Bulla, who knows who I am?

Neither I am Moses nor Pharoah
Neither I am awake nor asleep
Neither I am fire nor Air
Nor do I live among fools
Neither I am sitting nor am I in a tornado

Bulla Shah, who is this standing?

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