Friday, November 11, 2005

Identity Map

Good idea and summary of various type of information that is associated with the user i.e.
  • Names
  • Characteristics - Static and dynamic
  • Relationships - I am not sure whether Relationship should be separate from the role. I am assuming that any relationship with always have the roles automatically defined for all the participant of the relationship either implicitly or explicitly.
  • Roles - See the Relationship and that is why roles by them selves may not make sense. These have to be in a given context and the context being the relationship or community of which relationship is part of.
  • Locations
  • Experience - Experience would result in knowlege!! right? and so knowledge would be super set of experience and information that was gathered through experience of others (i.e. teaching, reading).
  • Knowledge -
  • Reputation
What do you say?

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Mark Dixon said...


Thanks for posting a synopsis of the Identity Map on your blog and for your comments. I'll address each of your questions in the days to come as I explain each facet of the map on my blog.

Best regards,